About Us

Background and Vision
         Yada Medical Company Ltd. has conducted and operated the business for more than 20 years. The company was established on September 5th 2000 under the name S.T.D Industries Ltd. with the initial registered capital at 1 million baht. Later in 2004, the company expanded its operation and built the factory on the land of 10 rai within Photharam District, the current location Subsequently, the company name was changed to S.T.D Steel Drums Company with the initial registered capital at 5 million baht. The company functions involve the transformation and production of prompt 200-litre steel drums for export industries and the processing of concentrated pineapple juice, including plants in the Sedge family and other products which are packaged in the drum steels for exports. Afterwards, in 2014, Mr. Suthee Sornkhachornchit and Mr.. Somwang Sornkhachornchit, the company president and vice president foresaw the business opportunities and potential of the business operation based on the transformation of the Thai society into the aging community. The company therefore initially expanded its manufacture to involve the production and imports of the medical equipment in response to such Thai society's changing trend. Accordingly, the company has changed its name to "Yada Medical Company Ltd." to be in accordance with the expansion and increased the amount of the registered capital to 7,500,000 baht. The company has renovated and enlarged the former warehouse to acquire larger space. In addition, Yada Medical Ltd. has integrated the logistic system for the effective delivery of the company products to customers by the company transportations in response to the organization growth. Observably, Yada Medical Ltd. has made full preparations for the future manufacturing and distribution under the company's vision "Improve the production and select the high-quality medical equipment that is price-reasonable and covers alll target groups." Regarding the product transporting system, Yada Medical Company Itd. fully provides the shipping transportations of the medical equipment directly to customers in all regions. The transportation vehicles either belong to the company or other private partner companies, depending on the customer purchasing condition which is the amount of the ordered products. Additional expenses may be occasionally charged in case the purchase does not correlate to the established conditions. The shipping payment is charged according to the delivery distance. In case of payment, the customer can make payment by transferring the money into the account: Yada Medical Company Ltd. Kasikorn Bank, Ban Pong Branch, savings account number 042 8-05975-1
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